Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bridge Video - Behind The Scenes (Part 2)

The video shoot for my most recent video "The Bridge" took three separate days.  I already showed some images from the first day.

On Days 2 and 3 we were joined by Rob Gaczol and his camera at the factory where we rehearse, so I have some much better still shots from that day.

(Here is the final video by the way if you want to see how it all turned out.)

Any rate, below are some of my favorite shots documented by Rob Gaczol  on day 2. (Don't forget to check out Rob's photo journal here.  He has so many cool shots of Chicago.)

Above:  We were joined in the video by local artist Emilie Bouvet Boisclair.  She played "the Angel."

Above:  As usual, Sean the Devil played the devil.  You can read about Sean and what his "devil" role means to me and the project here.  He's in all the videos as you know by now.

Above:  Directors Jess Turcios and Jackie Sestak give Emilie direction.

Above:  Jackie filming to iPad.

Above: With the Angel... and Devil.

Above: Ridiculously angelic.

Above: Angels got my back.

Above:  Go to the light and stay out of the corners!

Above:  Some folks you might meet crossing the bridge.

Above:  About to cross the bridge.

Above:   You guessed it - crossing the bridge.

Again, here's the final video:  The Bridge - Official Video

Or hear the song itself here:  The Bridge

And of course, if you want to know more about the story behind "The Bridge": Story of the Bridge

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