Monday, August 19, 2013

More Photos from Elbo Room - Chicago 2012

Continuing to sort through all the photos from the past year, now that we're transitioning from the Powder Kegs promotion and into the next batch of recordings.  Dug up a few more cool shots taken from our show at Elbo Room below. (I posted some others taken by Kennedy from this same show in an earlier blog. This set here today was taken by our man Rob Gaczol).

L-R: Matt, Chris (Photo by Gaczol)

L-R: Freddy, Trakan, Roxy (Photo by Gaczol)

L-R: Claire, Freddy (Photo by Gaczol)

Chris (Photo by Gaczol)

Freddy (Photo by Gaczol)

Matt (Photo by Gaczol)

L-R: Trakan, Roxy (Photo by Gaczol)

New music coming early 2014!  Thanks for your interest and support for the project.

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