Sunday, May 13, 2012

Want to share some ideas? Let's talk shop.

Well enough talk about me.  I've introduced some songs off my new CD, my band, and my new video. I've let you inside rehearsals and performances.  We have one final radio performance coming up on June 8th, then we're producing a couple new videos and recording a new EP for early 2012.  Oh but don't worry - when news from my indie project breaks, you'll hear it first!

But let's talk about you now...

It's come to my attention that others out there might be wondering where to start making their own records, assembling their own bands, making their own indie videos, etc. etc.  (Of course, I'm not playing Wembley Stadium at this point, so I have a lot of bridges to cross still, but I might have some knowledge to share.  Or maybe we can bounce ideas off each other.  By all means, if anything I write seems incomplete or off (in your experience) I am completely open to questions, comments, and your advice.  I look forward to meeting you.

In the coming weeks, I'll get the ball rolling, introducing you to some of things I've learned.  I'll write "How to…" sorts of blogs.  I figure, hell, even if no one need or reads them, I'll at least be documenting what I did.  There is a lot to remember when you're doing it all yourself, so next year when I'm copyrighting my 4th release, future-me can come back here to my blog and remember what the hell I did.  "Oh yes – Copyright Form SR.  Right. Thanks, past-me."

I'll also introduce you to some of the people I've met along the path during these early stages of my career - my favorite people in the music community - bands, press, radio, booking agents, engineers, bloggers, fans. etc.  (By the way - none of this will be pandering bullshit – these will be people who I personally know are doing good work.  People you should know too.)

So let me kick this thing off with a brand new lesson I learned just last night!

? How to get your blog listed on Technorati (an online blog search engine, if you don't know, that will hopefully help you connect with other fish in the big indie music sea?)

Well, it seems you have to sign up and fill out a pretty straight-forward form.  (As an indie musician, you have to fill out so many online forms while "making music," that it seems there is never time to make music!).

Then you have to embed a validation code inside one of your blog posts.  Like so:  XPNDZZRRN946 (You see that Technorati?)

There you go – our first shared lesson!  Catch you soon with more!  And looking forward to meeting you.

With a firm handshake,

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