Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Official Record Release Party - Set One (part b)

Here are some more photos taken at the CD release show on February 22, taken this time by Mr. Kennedy Shenberg of Chicago's Coldforge Studios. Hot off the DVD-R he handed to me just the other day! Thanks Kennedy!

No idea what Chris has stuffed behind the kick cover up there. I prefer that it remains a mystery. Let's get started...

A nice shot from the second row (above). What a great crowd!

.... and another from the front row (below).

(I'm not invisible in reality. That's motion, y'all! Captured by the magic of photography!) Ms. Roxy Swain on bass and Mr. Matt Walters on guitar. We were cramped... I only bumped into Matt a couple times throughout the night somehow.

These are out of sequence, I just realized. My fault. Below, this is us just prior to the first song of the set, "We'll Be Strangers." Don't ask me how I know. I just do... Ms. Claire Halpin on fiddle back there, and working double-time carding Chicago's youth as they come through the door. No no no. Just fiddle. No minors were in attendance.

This photo below is a little later in the first set... maybe we're back in sequence, now? Lovely Roxy harmonies!

Nope. Still totally out of sequence. This photo below is "Long Way From Home," which we played second (and will be available for free download in May!! This month's free download will be available on the "Listen" page on April 17, for those keeping up with my free stuff on the website.)

People keep asking me if that's Jesus on the guitar strap above. As you know by now, we swap instruments a lot on stage. In this photo above, Freddy is playing my acoustic, and I'm wearing Freddy's strap. That's not Jesus on Freddy's strap. Although he might disagree.

Matt acting invisible now, below...

Matt also sporting the "Wino" shirt below, the second in my growing collection of Trakan-brand hand-made t-shirts.

(Thanks again to Webster Wine Bar for all your support - for letting us release the record with you, and of course for letting us film the video for All I Need upstairs! We're forever honorary Winos!!)

Damn. Here's another photo (below, and out of sequence) from the very first song...

But I wanted to showcase it last, cuz it's just about the closest a photographer has gotten to date, of capturing all six of us in action on stage at the same time!! Turn your head right a tad, Chris!! Almost :)

I'll leave you with that for now. Awesome photos, Kennedy! Thanks my man!!!! And thanks to everyone who came and filled the wine bar to capacity on that super-fun Monday in late February!!

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