Saturday, February 25, 2012

Roxy Swain (Trakan v11.0 Band Bios)

Continuing the introductions of the band for Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees:

Ms. Roxy Swain...

An amazing baker (thanks for the celebratory "Trakan" cake at the release show, Roxy!) But an even better vocalist perhaps, and has become a multi-instrumental and bi-lingual vocal monster in this project.

One of two Scorpios in the band, and one of two southern-born bandmates, Roxy fronts her own project too, Roxy Swain, shares a mutual shameless affection with me for Bruce Springsteen, and while only performing with me since this project started coming together, has been a friend and source of encouragement for years. Very honored to have her in the band.

Switches among bass, guitar, and various percussion on-stage. Adds a ton of amazing harmonies and vocals.

And as I understand it, secretly wants to return to her native Texas to join the rodeo. (Or did she say "sing at the rodeo"? Hm. My memory, sometimes...)

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