Saturday, February 25, 2012

Matt Walters (Trakan v11.0 Band Bios)

Continuing the introductions of the band with whom I'm promoting Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees:

Mr. Matt Walters...

The only one in the project who was there from the beginning... Defacto Historian... "The Messenger" onstage (wears my handmade t-shirt with that show's unique message).

Switches between guitar, bass, iPad keys, and saxophone. Leo. Strong constructive opinions and the man most likely to grab the mixing board and start fu#$ing with it when my vocals are feeding-back in rehearsal (I suck with gear, so this is usually appreciated).

Also plays with Roxy in the band Roxy Swain. Overloads his schedule with all kinds of shit from martial arts to snowboarding.

Holds the Guinness World Record high score for the arcade video game Castelvania.

Pretty sure, deep down, he wishes he was a major league relief pitcher. But I could be wrong there.

The Castlevania thing is real though.

Check out the rest of the PKBDT band's bios... meet Roxy, Claire, Freddy, and Chris.

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