Saturday, February 25, 2012

Claire Halpin (Trakan v11.0 Band Bios)

Continuing the introductions of the band for Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees:

Ms. Claire Halpin...

Who knew a fiddle would sound sooo cool in these songs, and that Freddy would know a cool fiddler who wanted to be a part of this?!

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, and trained on old-timey fiddle music, Claire adds an amazing almost-Camper Van Beethoven-ish element that colors the compositions perfectly, and repeatedly makes me wish I had "heard" fiddle in the compositions before recording them, and that I could go back and re-record some of them with her on fiddle. (What she does to "Fisher Song" and "Summer" are pure awesomeness.)

Claire might seem shy at first, but she’s actually craaaazyyyy – she’s the one who trashes the hotels on the road, and possesses almost sprinter-like-speed when the cops come! (Ok, I totally made that up of course – Claire is actually one of the kindest most grounded people I’ve met.. and we haven’t hit the road yet, so while all that stuff about trashing hotels might turn out to be true, I sort of doubt it at this point.... I'll report back if Claire starts going crazy on hotels.)

What I do know is that she digs beer, hockey, and The Kids in the Hall – just like a Canadian should.

Oh and while I hope no one ever falls horribly out of tune or breaks a string on stage…if it does happen, Claire is the one who bails us out by telling hilarious jokes to the audience while we make repairs!

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