Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chris Warren (Trakan v11.0 Band Bios)

Continuing the introductions of the band for Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees (PKBDT):

Mr. Chris Warren...

Helluva super-chill, fun and spirited drummer/percussionist extraordinaire. Florida born and Spanish-speaking, he hits a Stewart Copeland signature snare. (Have I mentioned how much I love The Police? Probably not yet. I do. My favorite band during my formative years. But enough here about me.)

I met Chris when we were working for the same student-based cause about three years ago or so. He was playing with a cool band at the time called Howling Poppies. Shared a stage with him for the first "Tutor/Mentor Jam" benefit concert (that he organized at Schubas). He sat in on drums with us at that show, and afterward agreed to learn/track the drums for PKBDT. So that's him you hear on the new songs.

Again mind you, this was three years ago. PKBDT took so long to put together that several drummers came and went during that span (Spinal Tap has never made more sense to me).

It took so long in fact, that Chris moved to Guatemala after tracking the drums to assist student-based programs in the jungle, had many successes, and has since moved back to Chicago. Just in time for this run of shows. Shwew!

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