Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Making of My Indie CD

Chicago 1/29/2012 - Well, after three long challenging years, my new second CD is finished. It's called Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees. Thanks for your patience, and to everyone who helped make PKBDT happen.

This is my second CD, which of course means it was my second experience making one of these things on an indie budget, while working a day job, all while trying like hell to make time for my family.

Incredible experience. Incredible stories.

I'll try to use this blog regularly to reflect on all the fun (and bullshit) that went into making PKBDT these past three years. I also have a few months here to promote the record and try to be heard. Surely there will be some entertaining stories and reflections I can share during the promotion.

Regarding that "day job" I mentioned - I'm a web developer by trade. I hand-built my new website and it is chock full of info, FREE samples, and anything else you want to play with if you want to discover more about the project.

(If you're still using Internet Explorer 7, please do yourself a favor and upgrade to IE9, or use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Your surfing experience will be much nicer. And my site will work much better!)

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