Thursday, August 20, 2009

What this blog is... and where to find older news

Welcome to the new Trakan blog. Here is where I will begin to blog all of my experiences, moving forward as I complete and promote my 2nd CD, "Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees."

Who the hell am I?

My name is Trakan (pronounced “TRAY-kin”). I am a community-oriented American rock musician and songwriter from Chicago. My songs are a dynamic mix of stories that meander lyrically from love lost and workplace oppression to the exploration of the supernatural. Though my musical influences are diverse, I have tended (so far) to blend straight-ahead college rock with dabs of power pop, punk, folk and country. I get a lot of comparisons to musicians like Tom Waits, Frank Black, Nick Cave, and Paul Westerberg. And I am flattered.

As an indie artist, I mostly work in total obscurity, but through perseverance, my debut CD “Opening Soon Under New Management” had some successes, was met with pretty solid reviews, and broke even due to a grass roots promotion.

Current news for the 2011 CD “Powder Kegs Beneath Dagger Trees” is accessible through the home site, or of course if you want to follow this blog.

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